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Inhibition of Smad1 activitiy
Inhibition of Smad1 activitiy

Exploratory Research

Measured value Others
Animal species Mouse
Indication of the result Evaluation of presence or absence of the effects of drug treatment on the activation of BMP4-Smad1-Sox9 signaling pathway in activated mouse mesangial cells are shown.
Target diseases of assay Others
Assay level Cell-based
Protocol of assay 1) Plate mouse mesangial cells onto 10-cm plate and grow to 50% confluent.
2) Add 50 μl of drug solution to the plates in duplicate.
3) Observe the status of the cells under microscope.
4) Extract protein from the treated cells after 24h-stimulation.
5) Analyze the protein levels of βactin, Smad1, pSmad1, and Sox9 by Western blot method.
【Results of bioassay】
Display method Crude drug Kampo formula Compound
Crude drug-Compound
Name of experimental material
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