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Inhibitory effect on Toxoplasma gondii proliferation
Inhibitory effect on Toxoplasma gondii proliferation

Exploratory Research

Measured value Inhibition (%)
Animal species Others
Indication of the result The rate of decrease (%) in the amount of parasite against the control condition (DMSO or water) is shown. Positive values indicate inhibition of parasite growth.
Target diseases of assay Infective disease
Assay level Cell-based
Protocol of assay 1) The host cells (HFF cells) cultured in a 96-well plate were infected with Toxoplasma gondii (RH_2F strain) expressing beta-galactosidase. Each herbal medicine or control (DMSO or water) was mixed at the final medium concentration of 0.5 %. 2) The parasites were cultured in CO₂ incubator at 37 °C. 3) The number of the parasites was measured by the activity of beta-galactosidase using beta-Glo assay kit (Promega).
Remarks We will analyze the growth inhibition at the low concentration.
【Results of bioassay】
Display method Crude drug Kampo formula Compound
Crude drug-Compound
Name of experimental material
(compound/crude drug/Kampo formula)



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