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Inhibitory effect on the enzyme activity of amylase
Inhibitory effect on the enzyme activity of amylase

Exploratory Research

Measured value Ratio to control (%)
Animal species Others
Indication of the result Remaining releasing activities of 2-chloro-4-nitorphenol from Gal-Glc-CNP by a-amylase in the presence of test samples.
Target diseases of assay Digestive system
Assay level Cell-free
Protocol of assay 1. MES buffer (1000 ml) was used as a reference.
2. Add MES buffer, a-amylase, and a sample in a cell, and incubate it at 37˚C for 10 min.
3. Add the substrate solution into the cell and monitor the change in absorvance at 405 nm.
4. Calculate the remaining activitiy for each sample.
【Results of bioassay】
Display method Crude drug Kampo formula Compound
Crude drug-Compound
Name of experimental material
(compound/crude drug/Kampo formula)



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