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Magnolia Flower-2012-1
Magnolia Flower-2012-1

Exploratory Research

Magnolia Flower Extract-2012 Crude drug name:Magnolia Flower Extract-2012
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med., Univ. of Toyama
Photo date:2012
Photographer:H. Fushimi

Crude drug extract name Magnolia Flower Extract-2012
Crude drug name Magnolia Flower
Collection information Uchida Wakanyaku Co. Ltd., Tokyo Pref., Japan (Lot.No. 00P0230)
Collection date (yy-mm-dd) 2011-02-02
Production area Zhejiang Prov. and Henan Prov., China
TMPW No. 27232
Sample weight 100.00 g 
Solvent volume 800.00 ml 
Dry weight 8.80 g 
Yield 8.80 % 
Botanical source Magnolia salicifolia Maximowicz, M. kobus De Candolle, M. biondii Pampanini, M. sprengeri Pampanini or M. heptapeta Dandy (M. denudata Desrousseaux) (Magnoliaceae)
Part used Flower bud
Preparation method 1. Prepare pure water (8 times weight of crude drug’s) and crude drug.
2. Boil it by low flame for 60 minutes.
3. Filter the boiled liquid with a filter paper.
4. Freeze-dry the filtrated liquid.
5. Keep it in refrigerator after drying.
Chemical compound
LC-MS Data Mass++ (free software) is needed to open LC-MS Data.
It can be downloaded from here.
Remarks Expiration date : 2015/10

LC-MS Analytical Conditions:

Agilent 1100 HPLC coupled with Bruker Esquire 3000 plus ESI-MS

Waters Atlantis T3 (2.1 mm x 150 mm)

Column Temperature
35 °C

Flow rate
0.2 mL/min

Solvent A
5 mM Ammonium acetate solution

Solvent B

10% to 100% Solvent B (0-30 min), 100% Solvent B (30-40 min)

Source voltage
4.5 kV (Positive ion mode)

Nebulizer gas
40 psi

Dry Gas
8 L/min

Dry Temperature
330 °C

Full-scan mass range
50-2000 Da


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