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Red Ginseng-2014-1
Red Ginseng-2014-1

Exploratory Research

Red Ginseng Extract-2014 Crude drug name:Red Ginseng Extract-2014
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med., Univ. of Toyama
Photo date:2014
Photographer:H. Fushimi

Crude drug extract name Red Ginseng Extract-2014
Crude drug name Red Ginseng
Collection information Tochimototenkaido Co., Ltd., Osaka Pref., Japan (Lot.No. 003411022)
Collection date (yy-mm-dd) 2013-11-04
Production area Nagano Pref., Japan
TMPW No. 28132
Sample weight 50.00 g 
Solvent volume 400.00 ml 
Dry weight 16.71 g 
Yield 33.42 % 
Botanical source Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer (Panax schinseng Nees) (Araliaceae)
Part used Root, after being steamed
Preparation method 1. Prepare pure water (8 times weight of crude drug’s) and crude drug.
2. Boil it by low flame for 60 minutes.
3. Filter the boiled liquid with centrifugation (3500 rpm).
4. Freeze-dry the filtrated liquid.
5. Keep it in refrigerator after drying.
Chemical compound Ginsenoside Rb1-2014-1 , Ginsenoside Rc-2014-1 , Ginsenoside Rd-2014-1 , Ginsenoside Re-2014-1 , Ginsenoside Rg1-2014-1
LC-MS Data Mass++ (free software) is needed to open LC-MS Data.
It can be downloaded from here.


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