About Traditional Medical & Pharmaceutical Database
What is the Traditional Medical & Pharmaceutical Database?
The Traditional Medical & Pharmaceutical Database is the first repository of the experimental data of natural medicines used in Kampo (Traditional Japanese Medicine), including the genetic data of crude drugs, LC-MS profiling data and biological activity data of crude drugs and Kampo formulas, etc. The comprehensive data will be useful to standardize natural medicines and find out the seeds for drug discovery.
●General information
・Scientific and herbological information on crude drugs, Genetic information on medicinal plants
・Medical information on Kampo formulas, Literature searches on Kampo formulas, Application of Kampo formulas for diseases
・Scientific information of chemical compounds included in crude drugs
●Analytical result information
Firstly, Wakanyaku Library which consists of nearly 80 compounds, hot water extracts of 80 crude drugs and 80 Kampo extracts, was prepared. Subsequently, chemical analysis and biological assay were performed on the ingredients of the library. The used crude drugs were genetically analyzed to identify their botanical origins. Biological activities relating to neurodegenerative diseases, allergy & inflammation diseases, cancer, lifestyle diseases, etc. were investigated by cell-free, cell-based and in vitro assays.
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