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Aralia Rhizome
Aralia Rhizome
Latin name Araliae Cordatae Rhizoma
Botanical source: Family name Umbelliferae
Botanical source: Plant name Aralia cordata Thunberg (IPNI:89613-1)
Part used Rhizome
Empirical criteria for quality selection Unknown
Constituents Terpenoids (Essential oils):
Aralia cordata: Essential oil

Triterpenoid saponins:
A. cordata:
Triterpenoid saponin

Angelica pubescens:
Osthol, Glabra-lactone (= Angelicone), Angelol, Bergapten
Pharmacological effects Unknown
Indications As a painkiller, antispasmodic and metabolic promoter, it is applied to headache, arthralgia, rheumatism, partial paralysis and general pain.
Diseases Common cold, Fever, Headache, Swelling and pain of joint, Rheumatism
Formulas keibohaidokusan , jumihaidokuto , seijokentsuto , dokkatsukakkonto , dokkatsuto , reitakutsukito , reitakutsukitokashin'i
Meridian tropism Kidney, Urinary bladder
Property Slightly warm
Flavor Acrid/pungent, Bitter
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing" Superior
TCM: Classification Antirheumatics
TCM: Medicinal effects CP (A. pubescense): To dispel wind and remove damphess, relieve impediment pain.
For wind cold dampness impediment, aching lower back and knees, headache caused by latent wind in lesser yin, or headache caused by wind-cold with dampness.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.


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