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Citrus Peel
Citrus Peel
TMPW No.:12234

Latin name Tachibana Pericarpium
Botanical source: Family name Rutaeae
Botanical source: Plant name Citrus Peel 1:
- Citrus tachibana Tanaka (IPNI:772069-1)
- Citrus leiocarpa hort. ex Tanaka (IPNI:771954-1)
- Citrus grandis Osbeck (IPNI:771914-1)

Citrus Peel 2:
- Citrus unshiu Marcowicz (IPNI:772094-1)
- Citrus reticulata Blanco (IPNI:772038-1)
Part used Pericarp of the ripe fruit
Empirical criteria for quality selection  
Pharmacological effects  
Formulas kagaisan , kippikijitsushokyoto , kippidaiobokushoto , kippichikujoto , kippito , kumibinroto , keimeisankabukuryo , chotosan , ninjin'yoeito
Meridian tropism  
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing"  
TCM: Classification  
TCM: Medicinal effects  
Remarks Listed in the Japanese standards for non-pharmacopoeial crude drugs 2018.
Old Jupi is called Chen-jupij or Chenpi for short. In Japanese market, Chinese Chenpi is called Jupi, which may be distinguished from Japanese Chenpi.
The Japanese standards for non-Pharmacopoeial crude drugs (1989) defines Jupi as the ripe peel of C. tachibana Tanaka or allied species (ex. Tachibana Pericarpium), but its 2018 edition difines as described above.


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