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Japanese Gentian
Japanese Gentian
Market name:龍胆
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med.
TMPW No.:10807
Gentiana scabra
Plant name:Gentiana scabra
Photo location:Gansu Prov., China
Photo date:1993
Photographer:K. Komatsu

Synonym Chinese Gentian
Latin name Gentianae Scabrae Radix
Botanical source: Family name Gentianaceae
Botanical source: Plant name - Gentiana scabra Bunge (IPNI:368876-1)
- Gentiana manshurica Kitagawa (IPNI:368483-1)
- Gentiana triflora Pallas (IPNI:369055-1)
Part used Rhizome and root
Empirical criteria for quality selection Good one is large, pale yellowish-brown and has many fibrous roots. (TN)
Constituents Oligosaccharides:
Gentianose, Gentiobiose

Gentiopicrin, Swertiamarin, Gentianine;
G. triflora var. japonica: Trifloroside


Other aromatic derivatives:
Gentisic acid
Pharmacological effects Enhanced secretion of gastric juice (extract).
Indications As bitter stomachic, it is used the same way as gentian. In Kampo medicine, it is applied to treat congestion of digestive organs, inflammation, urethriris and rheumatoid as its antiinflammatory action.
Diseases Jaundice, Dysuria, Urodynia, Cloudy urine, Scrotal swelling, Itching of the genital, Leukorrhea, Red eye, Eye pain, Chest pain, Pain of lateral sides of trunk, Deafness, Swelling and pain of the ear, High fever, Convulsion
Formulas kamigedokuto , sokeikakketsuto , rikkosan , ryutanshakanto
Meridian tropism Liver, Gall bladder
Property Cold
Flavor Bitter
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing" Superior
TCM: Classification Antipyretics
TCM: Medicinal effects To clear heat and dry dampness, purge liver-gallbladder fire.
Used for dampness-heat jaundice, pudendal swelling and itching, vaginal discharge, itching caused by eczema, red eyes caused by liver fire, tinnitus and deafness, hypochondriac pain and bitter taste in the mouth, persistent erection, convulsions.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.
References TN: T. Namba & Y. Tsuda ed., Outline of Pharmacognosy, a Textbook, 3rd ed., Nankodo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1998.
DNA sequences of medicinal plants
Gene Region
Nuclear Chloroplast Mitochondria
Botanical source: Plant name 5Ss 18S ITS1 5.8S ITS2 26S others trnH-psbA matK trnK trnK-rps16 trnT-L trnL trnL-F rbcL rpoC1 ndhF others
Gentiana manshurica Kitagawa (IPNI:368483-1)
Gentiana triflora Pallas (IPNI:369055-1)
Gentiana scabra Bunge (IPNI:368876-1)
Gentiana scabra × Gentiana triflora (NCBI:txid553040)
Gentiana triflora var. japonica H.Hara (NCBI:txid412118)


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