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Loquat Leaf
Loquat Leaf
TMPW No.:7642

Latin name Eriobotryae Folium
Botanical source: Family name Rosaceae
Botanical source: Plant name Eriobotrya japonica Lindley (IPNI:724793-1)
Part used Leaf
Empirical criteria for quality selection Fresher and more greenish one is preferable (NI).
Constituents Triterpenoids:
Ursolic acid, Oleanolic acid glycosides, maslinic acid


Cyanogenic compounds:

Sulfur containing alkaloids:
Vitamin B1

Tartaricacid, Citricacid
Pharmacological effects Antibacterial (decoction: Staphylococcus aureus).
Indications As an antitussive, expectorant, diuretic and stomachic, for relieving vomiting and removing heat, it is applied to treat chronic cough, heat exhaustion and edema. The poultice of its decoction is used for dermatitis and heat rash in folk. It is also used as a bath agent.
Diseases Cough, Dyspnea, Dry throat, Pertussis, Nausea, Vomitting, Thirst, Heat exhaustion, Edema
Formulas kanroin , shin'iseihaito
Meridian tropism Lung, Stomach
Property Neutral
Flavor Bitter
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing"  
TCM: Classification Expectrants and antitussives
TCM: Medicinal effects To remove heat from the lung and the stomach, and to relieve cough and vomiting.
For cough and dyspnea caused by heat in the lung, vomiting, fever and thirst caused by heat in the stomach.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.
References NI: N. Isshiki, Methods of Quality Evaluation and Preparation of Wakan-yaku, Tohodo Shoten, Tokyo, 1987.


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