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Perilla Herb
Perilla Herb
Market name:蘇葉
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med.
TMPW No.:13822
Perilla frutescens var. acute
Plant name:Perilla frutescens var. acute
Photo location:Kyoto Pref., Japan
Photo date:1989
Photographer:K. Komatsu

Latin name Perilla Herba
Botanical source: Family name Labiatae
Botanical source: Plant name Perilla frutescens var. crispa W.Deane (IPNI:190344-2)
Part used Leaf
Empirical criteria for quality selection Not known
Constituents Fatty acids:
Linolenic acid

l-Perillaldehyde, d-Limonene, α-Pinene, β-Pinene, 3-Octanol, 1-Octen-3-ol, Linalool, Caryophyllene, α-Farnesene, 8-p-Menthen-7-ol, l-Perillyl alcohol (whole plant);
P. frutescens Britton var. citriodora Ohwi: Citral

Caffeic acid (whole plant), Myristicin, Dillapiol, Apiol

Flavones & Flavonols:
Apigenin, Luteolin and its glycoside (whole plant)

Shisonin (whole plant), Cyanin and its p-coumaric acid ester

Rosmarinic acid (whole plant)

Other aromatic compounds:
Perillaketone, Naginataketone, Elsholtziaketone, Egomaketone, Isoegomaketone (whole plant)
Pharmacological effects Sedative (extract)
Indications Not known
Diseases Headache, Fever, Chill, Anhidrosis, Feeling of pressure in the chest, Anorexia, Cough, Full stomach, Nausea, Vomitting, Feeling of stick in the throat, Threatened abortion, Hyperemesis gravidarum, Seafood poisoning
Formulas kakkoshokisan , kyososan , kumibinroto , keimeisankabukuryo , kososan , saisoin , saibokuto , shimpito , jurokumiryukiin , jinsoin , soshikokito , hangekobokuto , bukuryoingohangekobokuto , bunshinkiin
Meridian tropism Lung, Spleen
Property Warm
Flavor Acrid/pungent
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing"  
TCM: Classification Diaphoretics
TCM: Medicinal effects To release the exterior and dissipate cold, move qi and harmonize the stomach.
Common cold caused by wind-cold, cough, vomiting and nausea, morning sickness, fishery product poisoning.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.
DNA sequences of medicinal plants
Gene Region
Nuclear Chloroplast Mitochondria
Botanical source: Plant name 5Ss 18S ITS1 5.8S ITS2 26S others trnH-psbA matK trnK trnK-rps16 trnT-L trnL trnL-F rbcL rpoC1 ndhF others
Perilla frutescens var. acuta Kudo (NCBI:txid279737)
Perilla frutescens var. crispa W.Deane (IPNI:190344-2)


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