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Pinellia Tuber
Pinellia Tuber
Market name:半夏
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med.
TMPW No.:654
Pinellia ternata
Plant name:Pinellia ternata
Photo location:Kyoto Pref., Japan
Photo date:1989
Photographer:K. Komatsu

Latin name Pinelliae Tuber
Botanical source: Family name Araceae
Botanical source: Plant name Pinellia ternata Teore ex Breitenbach (IPNI:88088-1)
Part used Dried spherical tuber
Empirical criteria for quality selection Good ones are big, white and similarly sized. Neither red, black or stiff one is good (TN).
Constituents Lipids:
Cerebroside (principally consisted of 1-O-glucosyl-N-2'-acetoxy palmytoyl-4,8-sphingodienine)

Other aliphatic and related compounds:
Mucous substances, Ca-oxalate

D-Glucose, Glucuronic acid, L-Rhamnose

Starch, Macromolecular polysaccharide


β-Sitosterol, β-Sitosteryl glucoside

Other aromatic compounds:
Homogentisic acid, Homogentisic acid glucoside, 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde, 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde diglucoside

Amino acids:
Arginine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, Serine, Glycine

l-Ephedrine (in minute amounts)

Other nitrogen compounds:

Pharmacological effects Antiemetic (decoction), stimulation of salivation (decoction: increase in early stage, decrease in later stage). Antitussive (decoction). Suppression of stomach ulcer (water extract). Antiinflammatory (water extract). Antiallergic.
Indications As a tranquilizer and expectorant, for relieving vomiting, it is applied to treat nausea with water retention in the stomach followed by ascension of qi, vomiting, cough, palpitation, dazzling, headache, acute intestinal catarrh, hyperemesis and insomnia.
Diseases Cough, A lot of sputum, Nausea, Vomitting, Feeling of pressure in the chest, Vertigo, Palpitation, Insomnia, Headache, Esogastritis, Acute gastritis, Hyperemesis gravidarum
Formulas unkeito , untanto , eppikahangeto , en'nenhangeto , ogibekkoto , ogonkahangeshokyoto , orento , kaikyushokushoto , kashokuyohito , kakkoshokisan , kakkonkahangeto , kamiuntanto , karogaihakuhangeto , kankyoninjinhangegan , kanzoshashinto , kishukunichinto , kenchuto , kosharikkunshito , kobokushokyohangeninjinkanzoto , goshakusan , saikatsugekito , saikatsutokasenkyushin'i , saikanto , saikyohangeto , saikokaboshoto , saikokaryukotsuboreito , saikokikitsuto , saikokeishito , saishakurikkunshito , saisoin , saibokuto , saireito , shokankyoto , shokyoshashinto , shosaikoto , shosaikotokakikyosekko , shoseiryuto , shoseiryutokakyoninsekko , shoseiryutokasekko , shohangekabukuryoto , jofuto , jinsoin , seikiankaito , seishitsuketanto , sekigan , sempukukataishasekito , soshikokito , daisaikoto , daisaikotokyodaio , daihangeto , chikujountanto , chikuyosekkoto , chokoshiteito , chotosan , tokito , nijutsuto , nichinto , hachigesan , hangekobokuto , hangesankyuto , hangeshashinto , hangebyakujutsutemmato , bakumondoto , fukankinshokisan , bukuryukanto , bukuryoinkahange , bukuryoingohangekobokuto , bushikobeito , bunshinkiin , henseishinkiin , hontonto (kinkiyoryaku) , hontonto (chugoho) , yakanmaoto , yokukansankachimpihange , rikakuto , rikkunshito , ryokankyomishingeninto , ryokito
Meridian tropism Spleen, Stomach
Property Warm, Toxic
Flavor Acrid/pungent
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing" Inferior
TCM: Classification Expectrants and antitussives
TCM: Medicinal effects To dry dampness and resolve phlegm, downbear, counterflow to check vomiting, disperse stuffiness and dissipate binds.
Used for dampness-phregm cold-phlegm, panting and cough, profuse sputum, dizziness and palpitation caused by phlegm-fluid retention, dizziness caused by wind-phlegm, phlegm syncope headache, vomiting, regurgitation, chest and epigastric stuffiness fullness, plum-pit qi;
Topical application: swelling abscess and phlegm nodule.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.
References TN: T. Namba & Y. Tsuda ed., Outline of Pharmacognosy, a Textbook, 3rd ed., Nankodo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1998.
DNA sequences of medicinal plants
Gene Region
Nuclear Chloroplast Mitochondria
Botanical source: Plant name 5Ss 18S ITS1 5.8S ITS2 26S others trnH-psbA matK trnK trnK-rps16 trnT-L trnL trnL-F rbcL rpoC1 ndhF others
Pinellia ternata Teore ex Breitenbach (IPNI:88088-1)
lectin gene


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