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Plantago Seed
Plantago Seed
Market name:車前子
Photo location:Museum of Materia Medica, Inst. of Nat. Med.
TMPW No.:15214
Plantago asiatica
Plant name:Plantago asiatica
Photo location:Kyoto Pref., Japan
Photo date:1989
Photographer:K. Komatsu

Latin name Plantaginis Semen
Botanical source: Family name Plantaginaceae
Botanical source: Plant name Plantago asiatica Linné (IPNI:684897-1)
Part used Ripe seed
Empirical criteria for quality selection Good one is shiny and blackish brown in color. It sinks into water. (TN)
Constituents Other aliphatic and related compounds:
Plantenolic acid, Succinic acid

Plantasan, Plantagomucilage A

Aucubin, Geniposidic acid

Carotenoids & Vitamin A:
Vitamin A

Acteoside, Syringin

Flavanones & Dihydroflavonols:

Simple nitrogen containing compounds:
Adenine, Choline

Sulfur containing alkaloids:
Vitamin B1
Pharmacological effects Diuresis. It increasesin the excretion of urea, sodium chloride and uric acid as well as water.
Indications It is taken as medicinal tea for diuresis,
Diseases Oliguria, Urodynia, Dysuria, Vomitting, Diarrhea, Red eye, Decreaced vision, Muscae valitantes, Corneal opacity, Cough, A lot of sputum
Formulas goshajinkigan , gorinsan , seishinrenshiin , meiroin , ryutanshakanto
Meridian tropism Liver, Kidney, Twelve meridians, Lung
Property Cold
Flavor Sweet
Classification in "Shen-non Ben-cao Jing" Superior
TCM: Classification Diuretics with removing dampness
TCM: Medicinal effects To clear heat, disinhibit urine and relieve stranguria, drain dampness to check diarrhea, improve vision, and dispel phlegm.
Used for heat strangury with slow pain, edema distention and fullness, diarrhea caused by summer heat dampness, red painful swelling eyes, phlegm-heat cough.
Remarks Listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 18th ed.
References TN: T. Namba & Y. Tsuda ed., Outline of Pharmacognosy, a Textbook, 3rd ed., Nankodo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1998.
DNA sequences of medicinal plants
Gene Region
Nuclear Chloroplast Mitochondria
Botanical source: Plant name 5Ss 18S ITS1 5.8S ITS2 26S others trnH-psbA matK trnK trnK-rps16 trnT-L trnL trnL-F rbcL rpoC1 ndhF others
Plantago asiatica Linné (IPNI:684897-1)
Plantago depressa Willdenow (IPNI:685094-1)


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