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Frequently used Kampo formulas by diseases
Respiratory disease
Common Cold Bronchitis, Pneumonia
Bronchial Asthma
Endocrine and Metabolic disease
Diabetes Mellitus Obesity
Renal and Uurologic disease
Nephritic Syndrome Chronic Renal Failure
Edema Urinary Infection
Nervous and Muscle disease
Headache Cerebral Vascular Disease
Dementia Neuralgia
Hematologic Disease
Ear, Nose and Throat disease
Allergic Rhinitis Vertigo
Skin disease
Acne Atopic Dermatitis
Dental and Oral Surgical disease
Intraoral Inflammation, Glossitis Glossalgia


Information on genetic analysis

Information of bioassay

Metabolism information on chemical compounds included in crude drugs

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