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Intraoral Inflammation, Glossitis
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Intraoral Inflammation, Glossitis
  [Yin-Yang and Deficiency-Excess]
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Yin-Yang and Deficiency-Excess
Yin-Yang and Deficiency-Excess are the concept of Kampo medicines, and the body's condition is classified into these categories with various symptoms, which are occurred as body's repair reaction against the pathogenesis.

When the homeostasis is disrupted by actions of pathogenesis, if the body's repair reaction as a whole is :
heat and/or active → Yang stage
heat and/or active → Yin stage
Yang stage represents sensitiveness to heat, desiring for thin clothes, cooling, and cold water, red face, and tendency to high body temperature.
By contrast, Yin stage represents sensitiveness to cold, desiring for warm clothes, heating, and hot water, pale face, and tendency to low body temperature.

When the homeostasis is disrupted by actions of pathogenesis, if the mobilization of Qi and Blood in a part is :
heavy and/or strong → Excess stage
light and/or weak → Deficiency stage
In acute disease, Excess stage represents strong and changeful symptoms and no sweating. By contrast, Deficiency stage represents weak and flat symptoms and spontaneous sweating.
In chronic disease, Excess stage represents strongly built, pushing, tireless, and tendency to constipation. By contrast, Deficiency stage represents slight build, spiritless, easy fatigue, and tendency to diarrhea.

Under this classification, Kampo formula suitable for individual condition is selected.


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