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(Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan)
Crude drug composition Cinnamon Bark , Poria Sclerotium , Moutan Bark , Peach Kernel , Peony Root
Target condition keishibukuryogan is used for the patients in the stage of Shao yang (lesser yang) and the condition of between Hypo- and Hyperfunction, who has the symptoms such as feeling dizzy, reddish face, feeling of cold (hiesho) in legs, and feeling dizzy
Indication ruddy face, endometritis, irregular menstruation, menorrhalgia, vaginal fluor, headache, vertigo, stiff-shoulder, feeling of cold (hiesho), peritonitis, menalgia, ovaritis, perimetritis, eczema, frostbite, urticaria, subcutaneous hemorrhage, abdominal tenderness, tenderness, intra-uterine infection, menopausal syndrome, contusion, hemorrhoid, epididymo orchitis, feeling of cold (hiesho), puberty menstrual disorder, heaviness of head, contusion, frostbite, chloasma, spilus nevus, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, psychogenic palpitation, hypermenorrhea, bleeding hemorrhoid, acne


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