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(Da Fang Feng Tang)
Crude drug composition Rehmannia Root , Peony Root , Glycyrrhiza , Saposhnikovia Root and Rhizome , Atractylodes Rhizome , (Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome) , Processed Aconite Root , Eucommia Bark , Notopterygium , Cnidium Rhizome , Japanese Angelica Root , Achyranthes Root , Ginger , (Processed Ginger) , (Fresh Ginger) , Astragalus Root , Ginseng , Jujube
Target condition daibofuto is used for the patients in the stage of Tai yin (greater yin) and the condition of Hypofunction (deficiency), who has the symptoms such as ill complexion, joinnt swellinf and pain, and motor dysfunction
Indication rheumatoid arthritis, chronic arthritis, gout


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